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Apolo Gold & Energy Inc. (the Company) was incorporated in March 1997 under the laws of the State of Nevada as Apolo Gold Inc. for the purpose of financing and operating precious metals concessions. In May 2005, the Company amended its articles of incorporation to change the name of the Company to Apolo Gold & Energy Inc.

With the help of Jet Profit Finance Group, Apolo Gold & Energy Inc. and Mauritius Global Global Financial Trading Platform GLOBAL CFD (Mauritius Financial Dealer License License: C109007500) formally signed the share transfer document and became the major shareholder of GLOBAL CFD. Apolo Gold & Energy Inc. business officially entered the global financial trading system.
Jet Profit Finance Group in 2016 holding Apolo Gold & Energy Inc., the major shareholder.

Apolo Gold & Energy Inc is a resource company in the business of locating, acquiring and developing ore deposits and energy deposits. The Company targets early stage prospects, and where necessary, leverages its exploration funding by securing joint venture partners. Apolo trades on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol APLL. At present, the company's business is divided into two categlories:

(A) Acquisition of mineral rights

APLL acquires mineral resources, including:, gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc and other valuable mineral resources.

The mine owners provide us with the mineral mining permits and a detailed technical report. We then send geological engineers to inspect the site and conduct a full due diligence including interviewing the respective district’s mining departments. The company will examine the assessment report within two weeks, and will decide whether the Company would consider acquiring the project.

(B) Funding & exploitation

If a mine owner has a mining permit tenements with mining rights and has completed its annual review, then APLL has interest to provide funding and bring technical & professional teams to join the operation with the mine owner.as a joint venture operated and controlled by APLL. The mine owner simply provide with tenements, and the APLL provides the mining team, including geochemical, geophysical prospecting, exploration, blasting, mineral processing equipment and working capital. Operating income from the mine production is used to pay back APLL’s upfront investment, and then according to the terms of the agreement, both parties share the profits 

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