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Mr. Tsap Wai Ping - President, Chief Executive Office, Secretary, Director

Mr. Tsap is a securities and gold trading professional with extensive experience in the industry. He was the marketing director for HT Securities Ltd., a Hong Kong based broker dealer from August 1995 to July 2000.

From July 2000 to September 2005 he was a director at Wintech Securities Ltd. a Hong Kong based brokerage firm specializing in Hong Kong listed stocks. From January 2006 until October 2008, he was the chief advisor at Legarleon International Ltd., a Hong kong based gold trading firm.

He was the chief advisor from United Simsen Global Markets Ltd., a Hong Kong based brokerage firm from November 2008 until July 2009. He joined South China Bullion Limited, a gold and futures trading firm in July 2009 as chief advisor and departed on March 2010. He was appointed as a director at Legarleon Precious Metals Limited from April 2010 and resigned on 27-August 2012.

Mr. Tsap, (Tommy Tsap) is a citizen fo Hong Kong and is a licensed broker with a Series 7 Futures license and a Series 3 Securities license (USNFA).


Doctor Lai QiongLin

1984.9 - 1988.6 Undergraduate of the Chemical Industry Department in Xiangtan University, majored in Environmental Protection of Chemical Industry;

1993.9 - 1996.6 Master degree of the Metallurgy Department in Central South University, majored in Nonferrous metallurgy;

1999.9 - 2002.6 Doctor degree of the Chemistry and Chemical Industry Department in Hunan University, majored in Hylology;

1988.6 - 1999.9 Worked as Engineer , in the Metallurgy Department of Changsha Mining and Metallurgy Research Institute; (Government)

2002.12 - 2003.12 Worked as Engineer, in the Changsha Mining and Metallurgy Research Institute; (Government)

2003.12 - Now Director and Deputy General Manager of Dai Hongming Precious Metal Co., Ltd. in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province; (Private Company)


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